sophistafunk returning to the university of dollarado

I took a little trip down to the Republic of Buff, known to some as Boulder Town. We stayed up at Chautauqua which is the best place to stay. There are little cottages with screened in porches. If those old walls could talk. Slapping my knee.

We walked all the way down to campus. Huffing and puffing walking all the way downhill.

‘Twas a tailgate where we reunited with long lost collegito friends which is always fun. Plus at the food table, there were my all time favorite cookies – the seasonal sugar cookies sparing no sprinkle expense. All sugar cookies are not created equal, these had been dipped in chocolate. Yom. yom.

Then we went into the match for a minute. News for the world – 20 year old boys might be the most odious members of society. Katie and I sat by them. For one, they have enormous volume problems, talking too loudly at any given moment. Two, they need to grow into their faces. Three, they are dorky and having nothing important to say. To disguise this malfeasance, they pepper their conversations with perverse words to describe body parts. Additionally, with their overwrought demeanors, they use curse words too frequently.


But as you can see from the pic below that these inexperienced tenderfoot college students trample on our good time.


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