why must i be a teenager in love?

It is easy to get rich off of teenagers. Especially pre-pubescent boys turned into POP STARS!

See, there will never be a shortage of delusional teen girl with unrefined ideas of sex appeal. High pitched singing, baby faces, and synchronized dance moves make young girls weak at the knees. To think of the merchandising opportunities alone! (I thought a line of Charlie Sheen back 2 skool supplies would be good, but see parents buy pencil and trapper keepers. Got to keep it clean.)

While we are sitting here dreaming about managing a group of teen boy minstrels and counting royalties, we completely disregard the tumultuous feelings of adolescent boys in famous singing quartets. That’s what got me to thinking about Justin Bieber’s sensitivity. I pictured him watching his legendary film My World 2.0 alone in his room looking at the stars when he breaks out in song and dance to “Why must I be a teenager in Love?”

If navigating those romantic impulses for Selena Gomez weren’t enough, now he is facing his first of many Bieber-is-my-baby’s-Daddy claims. He’s going to be swabbing his mouth for a lot of DNA in his future. Just the typical life of an American Teen.

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