records and chirp chirps

Dis picture was taken at Amoeba Music in San Francisco on Haight Street. My friend sim1 and her boy toy Hung have a turn table that is used solely for record playing, not any of that scratch and sniff stuff. Zomg, records are fun. And Katie and I developed this strategy, go straight to the bargain section.

The following discs were generously donated to the Private Collection of Simone Buchwalter and Hung Nguyen:

2 Barbara Streisand Records (twice the fun)



A Christmas Album featuring Chuck Berry

Darmouth College Glee Club which was quickly scooped up by Simone’s twin Ben.

And more. I forget.

I so love records and I will tell you why. Listen. You relax. Just listen. Can I get a word in? Ok with records, you sit back, take a load off and just let the music sing through your ears. You are not eager to press next as it is with Mr. Ipod or Miss Ipod. Nice to let go of a little control and just hang out with Babs.

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