does riceroni have macaroni or pepperoni in it?

Times, very good times, were had last weekend in the most beautiful city of San Francisco. We drove over this bridge (does anyone recall the name? giggly goo) and also watched a movie about how lots of people commit suicide off this landmark. That is not the fluff and stuff I want to remember. The thing to know about SF is that this climate is very temperate and good for dinosaurs. They like that fresh ocean air and all of the lush greens to chomp on. I have no problem at all imagining beasts grunting around these parts during the Mesozoic Era.

This picture demonstrates the elegant culture and music to be found in the city as well as poultry treats. Great record. Pick up your copy today.

There really is nothing not to love about San Francisco (except for the degenerates dumpster diving. Dumpster diving as a way of life has its drawbacks.) There is amazing Vietnamese Food (Sunflower), scooter rides, Simone, lots of places to pick up snacks, and just niceness. Can’t wait to get on back.

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