taking fashion cues from the golden girls

I was born in the 1980s and people really like to take time machines back to this era of jerry curls and neon. In fact, just this week, there was an 80s cover band playing keyboards. Children of Middle Earth gathered together in fishnets, exquisite wigs, and flash flash. But before I set out to go to this party, I watched one of my most favorite TV Shows – Golden Girls. And I realized these grandma pups look good. Instead of that harsh palette of neon, the retirees take a much more subtle approach to their fashion choices.

For example, Sophia wears mustard sweaters with large collars, while Dorothy is all about kimonos and baggy fits. Did you get a whiff of that bow tie? Blanche is not one to stray away from the glitz and glam and sequins. Make it right. Make it tight. And then Miss Rose pairs pastels and shoulder pads, oh my.

And as I was loving on these grandmaz clothes, it struck me. Oh man, I’m loving on grandmas clothes. Oh well, I suppose it is something to look forward to.

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