too hot 2 handle – bette midler edition

Don’t you just hate it when you are spending your hard earned pocket change on buying songs from iTunes and a little mistake happens?

Oh don’t give me that “a music pirate’s life, is the only life for me.”

I do not have this high techness of stealing from poor record companies and giving music to the Proud and Free.

But anyway – back to my story – this is not the first time where my wobbly hand accidently chooses the wrong $1.29 song to buy. I was attempting to buy a little vintage rock n roll – Bobby Freeman’s “Do you want to dance?” Instead I got slapped with a weird Bette Midler rendition that is set to a very slow tempo and a lot of “Do you” “Do you” “Do you’s” and weird unsexy grunts. Not so sure about that. It might be a good song to sit across from a lover and stare intently, hold hands, and try TRY TRY to keep a straight face.


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One thought on “too hot 2 handle – bette midler edition

  1. Emilie says:

    Tripp and I just tried. He was better at a straight face than me. We lasted 15 seconds grand total. 🙂

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