oh the joy!

My hobbies are vast and numerous.

I refrain from collecting stamps, beading, poetry slams, sailing, HAM radio, model trains, and scrap-booking.

My hobbies range from taking my bulldogs hiking to taking my bulldogs snow shoeing.  But one amusement that I keep returning to is the great pleasure I find in quitting things. I am unsure of where this past time has come from. I have forsaken meat, sweets, and booze at all different points in my life. And well now, I’m back to being off the sweets. I have an unyielding sweet tooth that will devour the most pleasant of sugar plum villages and the tallest hard rock candy mountains. I have been clean from bon bons and pastries for about 2 weeks. But there is a catch.

Now if you want to be clever and undisciplined like yours truly, you develop little tricks to still eat your candy and yoms. Chocolate milk is ok in my book, because it is mainly milk. Chocolate chip muffin is also ok because it is mainly muffin. In my classification system, fruit rollups are a fruit and good for you. Call me a cheater. See if I care. Seek out your own lesson is self discipline. Now run along.

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