pizazz – not pizza

Oh the drudgery of Tuesday, or any common week day for that matter. It’s a day where you are not getting lost in a golf cart, not finding sleds by the side of a snowy road and filling it with treasures, a day not tie dying t-shirts, and not playing an intense game of Boggle at the Senior Center.

Conversely, it’s a a mundane day of work. It’s changing light bulbs and ironing pants. It’s looking at Excel Spreadsheets and imagining a world far far away where there are robot squirrels that do this futile work. Or it’s a day of just watching too many consecutive episodes of the Shahs of Sunset on Bravo. GUILTY.

It’s something that we humans have struggled with since the beginning of time – what are we supposed to do with these seemingly unimportant days? And dare I remind thee, that we are all running out of time. Each breath, we come closer to the last. Breathing harder or hyper ventilating will not help.

My solution is to find little thingy things to add some pizazz to the day. As you see here, I have elected to wear Pepto Bismol pink boat shoes to work. Because it is indeed the little details of life that we must notice and celebrate.  Already I have been accused of wearing bowling shoes. The ignorance!  But as I sit here, twiddling my thumbs, waiting to clock out, I look down and I sing to myself “Wasted away again in Margaritaville. Whur iz my durn shaker of salt?”

And I guess that is exactly what pizazz is in my book, self entertainment. It’s appreciating something colorful or different or pretty and running with it.

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