brown bag despair

From a very young age I had to pack my own lunch. I ate small pouches of Funyuns everyday for six or seven years. I was always a little bit disappointed when I got to school and looked into the dark of my brown bag lunch. My mother, Ann, did not purchase Little Debbies, Fruitsnacks*,  Lunchables, or pre packaged Rice Krispie Treats. We were supposed to make our own sandwiches. Hard to believe.

* These days, I more than make up for the Fruit Snack deficit in my rudimentary years.

Things are still pretty much the same all these moons later. I try and pack a lunch, and the same let down happens each and every day. My lunch is never exciting. I never have goat cheese or salamis in it. I still lack that planning and preparing finesse. Below you can see my watercolors of the yom yoms that do not hold a candle to your lunch. You’ll notice that I have quite an elevated taste in food. More like a predilection for children’s snacks.

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