out on a limb


In chemistry class, my eyes wander. I get sick and tired of hearing about enthalpy and waiting on the world to change. 

During these moments, I look at all my classmate dumplings and rate their attractiveness. The beauty appraisal is much like a dog show. Some of them have silky soft long hair which is good with me. Others seem to have nice teeth and claws. Best in show went a girl with soft gamine eyes, and perfectly curled hair. I looked at her further, when I noticed her sweat shirt and what was missing under said sweatshirt.

There was no arm. Exclamation. This beautiful fellow student from another pretty face to exceptional. To be so lovely, so attractive, and to be missing a very instrumental limb. I was so intrigued as I imagined all the hardship she must have faced. Insecurities, trouble catching balls in gym class, the inability to drive stick shift, all of this was a cruel reality for this young girl. My heart was overwhelmed with the largeness of the human spirit and all that we can overcome. 

And you can understand the dismay I felt when she raised the “missing” hand to ask the teacher a question.



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