boots of importance

To be a geologist-in-training is to be rugged, and never shy away from trips to the field – to see rocks in their natural habitat, Ze Great Outdoors.

For the field trips this semester, we have been privy to climb up very steep slopes as to walk through the different formations of rocks and time. Without getting into the thick of it, the young baby rocks hang out with the top shelf liquors like Ketel One. Old granny and grandpappy rocks will be at the bottom sippin on syzzurp.

My white haired professor is some sort of billy goat that can hoof up mountains at an alarming rate, leaving slow poke Singleton huffing and puffing in his great cloud of dust. I like to walk slowly, talk slowly, do everything slowly. I especially like to walk down steep pitches slowly, and have a young man to hold on to with one hand and a cane in the other.

Teacher tells the troupe of adolescent students with good knees, to walk around the protruding cliff bands, whilst he goes ahead and climbs up and over them.

For this particular adventure, the precipice we walked up looked something like this –

I don’t know the angle of this jaunt, but it was steep. Students fell. Rocks came tumbling down as others above stumbled through scree fields.

With all of this danger, excitement, and heavy breathing, it is important to wear certain clothing. Do not show up in flip flops or without a jacket. A typical choice of foot wear might be bowling shoes or Keds. Something that surrounds the feet and provides good traction. I’ve tried this, walking up escarpments with trusty tennies. Dirt finds its way through all crevices making socks dirty and life itchy.

But for this hike, I had a jazzy time, because I wore galoshes! These galoshes are grey with a nice black cheetah print for blending in with the environment. Galoshes’ functionality is usually restricted to puddle jumping in rainstorms. Dare I say that this footwear has much more versatile reach. Not only did I make it to the top of the Harding Formation (where there are rocks made up of miniscule purple fish plates) but I did so in shoes made for rain walking.

Coming on down was a little unnerving but I slid down quite successfully in my rain boots even though it wasn’t raining. I had one little fall at the end, and I only think one person saw.


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