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the weather in colorado, the surprise we get every year

As a teenager, not a young teenager, but more like a nineteen year old teenager, I affectionately named a certain type of interaction I saw older people having. I saw adults congregate and make irrelevant remarks that received polite, yet forced laughter. To me these little failed attempts at humor were to be forever known as adult jokes.

To provide better imagery, there is a backyard party. A group of people that have nothing to say to one another find themselves in an awkward, silent circle. At long last a Jimmy Buffet enthusiast in the Hawaiian shirt says, “How about that weather! Will it ever make up its mind?” The middle age folk clench their Bud Lights a little tighter, open their mouths to form strained smiles, and attempt to make the sound of laughter. Everyone is slightly relieved that the quietness has been broken, but do not feel particularly moved by the subject at hand.

So there you have it, adult joke – a common place statement that people acknowledge with a courtesy chuckle.

I’ve been thinking about adult jokes lately, because of people’s general reaction to spring weather. The weather in Colorado, as long as I have been living, is fickle.  During April and May, sunshine and snow flakes will happen in the same twenty four hour period. Coloradoans cannot and will not ever become accustomed to this. It just blows their tops off. How on Earth can there be a 75 sunny day perfect for frisbee tossing or front porch sitting, followed by a day with three inches of snow?


This pattern of weather is the surprise that happens several times a year, every year. People scratch their noggins, look to the sky in a state of distress, fall to their knees and exclaim, “How can this be?”

So today in the mountains in May, it snowed about six inches. And I might be the only one, but I’m not surprised, nor do I have a strong feeling about this. I am going to go ahead and wager that something similar will happen in the year of our Lord 2014.

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