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hopes and dreams dashed

As hopes and dreams go, mine have been dashed as of late. I keep getting knocked down. But you got to get up to get down (on the dance floor that is). Boogie woogie.

In a long series of misfortunate events that I will not go into, a bulldog swallowed a toy on the supposed day of departure for vacation to Lake Powell.  I was going to see the remnants of the largest sand dunes the world has ever known. And I was planning to navigate these canyon lands on a houseboat with dear friends. I should have been packing Monchichi(google it), a smorgasbord of salsas, a swimming costume, and adventuring where I’ve never set foot before. But as Lady Luck would have it-

Name: Judge Irwin Doom

Species: English Bulldog of Mayhem

D.O.B. 5/22/2011

ingested a toy that fateful day that required x-rays, surgery, and a lot of nursing.  Trip was canceled. And I admit that my initial reaction was very grumpy and selfish. When we finally got to take Judge home from the dog hospital, he laid on my lap and we watched the spring clouds and sunset into the layers mountains. I came to, and felt big gratitude that my little boy was there snoring on my lap. And he is doing great now. To be healthy is to be wealthy. Can’t say it enough.

So in lieu of a houseboat, I stayed at home and tried to mind my own business. My only true responsibility was to feed Judge six times a day a lovely mixture of wet dog food and hot water- gruel. I would prefer never to staycation again. When someone says the word staycation, I roll my eyes. Staycations mean doing chores that you have been putting off for good reason in the first place. So instead of organizing my closet, I find more productive things to do, ie, going to the coffee place that has three donut holes for one dollar frequently and napping excessively.

The last couple of days, the sun shone at long last. To celebrate Judge’s birthday we took a little canoe ride on Long Lake. My friend Ray, his pooch Gabby, Judge, Twinks, and I all managed to fit in the boat and paddle from one end of the Lake to another. We did not capsize and this was a Christmas miracle. So there are glimmers of hope in a staycation. Don’t I look cool in this pic? The mutts don’t want no part of it.


Plans fall through. Vacations don’t get taken. Staples get put in the dog’s abdomen. But the world keeps turning.

I’ve had to stop looking at what I may have missed out on and let go. That’s a lot easier to do with Dr. Liz (best vet evar) doing such a great job and getting that icky toy of my babe’s tummy. I’m beyond grateful that the bull boy has been successfully repaired so many times. I think that when life doesn’t give you want you want (did I mention the State Trooper gave me a speeding ticket today to add to the mix?), you got to sit back in that recliner, think hard, and find gratitude. I’ve taken to making lists.

Mason promises me that the rocks will still be there to look at later. Hopefully next year I will get to feast my eyes on desert sunsets on those lovely red sandstones and get to spend time with my tried and trues.  And maybe this year will be the year that Judge stays out of trouble. Thank you for reading my report on my vacation. And trumpets, snare drum roll, I am going to Texas today to visit my little homie/nephew. After all that complaining,  she gets another shot at vacation.

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